AVR Tutorial Step-by-step how to start AVRs

This is (going to be) a easy tutorial for starting out with basic AVR programming, and also a reference collection so that it sits in one place on the site

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  1. What is an AVR?
  2. Setup for Mac and Windows
  3. How programming works
  4. Choosing a programmer
  5. Using AVRDUDE

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This set of notes does have some prerequisites. It requires two important sets of knowledge:

  1. You must know how to use the command line for your OS, either Terminal (Mac, Unix) or cmd/DOS (Windows).
    Here is a tutorial for Macs
    Here is one for Linux (Ubuntu)
    Here is one for Windows
  2. You must know how to program, preferrably in C.
    The fact is, most microcontrollers are programmed in C, its a lightweight programming language that is well suited to the restrictive environment. You can also do many of these examples in BASIC but I doubt I'll have time to put up those versions
    Here is a tutorial
    I learned C about 12 years ago from a book that came with a CD and had lots of examples, I think it was "Learn C in 21 days" or some nonsense. It doesn't matter how you do it, but this tutorial assumes that you know what a for loop is and how bit-wise arithmetic work, etc.
    You also need to be able to convert hex, binary and decimal (using a calculator).
    Microcontrollers are tougher to program because there is limited debugging capability.
April 27, 2012 11:17