YBox2 Kit Case your kit
Step 1. Eat some mints

While it's not necessary to case the kit or use a mint tin for the job, the PCB was designed for such a thing and so we'll cover specifically how to do so.

First, eat all the mints and clean out the tin

Step 2. Download and print out the drill guide

The drill guide isnt essential, but it is a little easer than eyeballing it. Note that its pretty hard to get nicely drilled holes in mint tins so perfection may not be attainable.

Step 3. Tape said guide to the case.
Step 4. Drill 4 holes

Drill the two large holes for power and video. Then drill the smaller holes for IR and the LED

Step 5. Cut out the Ethernet slot

Since it's square, you can't drill this hole. Instead use a dremel, dykes or tin snips. Never use your delicate electronics diagonal cutters to cut a steel tin. You will destroy your cutters and fail to cut the tin.

Step 6. Place kit in tin

Make sure to place the protective cardboard underneath the kit so that there is no risk of shorting any components against the metal. Check that no leads are too long and could possibly touch the sides.

Step 7. Screw it in

Use 4-40 screws and hex-nuts to attach the kit to the case. You're done!

May 17, 2011 20:07