YBox2 Kit Customizing your widgets
Customizing the widgets

The default infowidget is a nice example of what the YBox2 can do. It connects to a weather service and displays the current forecast. This is nice and all but what if you don't live in the 95008 zipcode? No problem! You can easily customize the Infowidget to display your local weather.


The YBox2 widgets all have a very very small webserver inside of it. This webserver is used to configure the widget. Connecting to the widget is easy, simply reboot the YBox2 and when the widget loads, it will briefly display the IP address

Open up a web browser and point it at the IP address in the address bar:

and you will be connected to the YBox2 widget's webserver. Now you can see there are three customizable entries. Unless you're sure what you're doing, dont change the Server Host or Server Address. Instead, look at the Server Path which indicates the URL that the widget uses. Notice that there is a 5-digit zipcode used to identify where the weather data should be from. Simply change this zip code to your local zip code and click Submit Query.

Your YBox2 will now fetch data for your zip code and will retain this information even if it is rebooted.

May 17, 2011 20:07