YBox2 Kit User manual - Connecting network
Connecting to your network

One of the unique things about the YBox2 is that it can get up-to-date Internet content and display it. To do so, it will need a network connection. At this time the YBox2 does not support any sort of wireless connectivity. Instead we will use a standard Ethernet cable.

If the connection is good you will get a link-light on the router/hub and the YBox2, which is the righthand light

Getting an address

The YBox2 uses DHCP (dynamic host control protocol) to get an IP (Internet Protocol) address. DHCP is one of the most common methods for computers to connect to a router and initialize. In almost all cases, the DHCP should just work and you will get an address from the bootloader.

In some cases, the MAC address of the YBox2 may need to be registered with the router. This is especially true of corporate networks where security is important. The YBox2 will randomly generate a MAC address the first time it up and stores it in the EEPROM so that it will always be the same. The MAC is displays it at the bootloader startup screen.

Note that the IP address given to the YBox2 may change if the DHCP host (router) is not configured to give the same address each time.

Whenever data is sent or received over the network, the activity light (left light) will blink

May 17, 2011 20:07