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This is a wiki about the x0xb0x, a DIY analog synth built by LadyAda of Adafruit Industries.

Navigating x0xd0x

Technical Information
SchematicOverviews of the PowerSupply, AnalogSynthesizer, VoltageControlledOscillator, VoltageControlledFilter, EnvelopeGenerator, VoltageControlledAmplifier, HeadphoneAndMixer, DigitalSequencer, MidiAndSync, Transistors

Overviews of the FirmWare and Software (including the BootLoader app and C0ntr0l app)

GettingYourX0xb0x and ShippingCosts and ReplacementParts

Fabrication instructions including a guide on MakingItATrueClone, Testing instructions and suggestions, plus a step by step of each section.

Mods you can perform on your x0xb0x, by section (PsMods, VcoMods, VcfMods, EnvelopeMods, VcaMods, SequencerMods, FinishingMods including FrontPanelMods)

Tips on Playing your x0xb0x

x0xb0x Manual

See Also CategoryCategory for a list of topics covered by this wiki.

About x0xd0x

This wiki is set up to help x0xb0xers in the building, testing, and modding of the box. It also will serve as a jumping point for people to learn more about electronics. For more information about the scope of this wiki, see WikiMission.

Because this is a wiki, you should Feel free to add or modify information… x0xd0x needs you! Jump in! Start editing! Add your self to the users page, and introduce yourself. If you are unsure about where to begin, see the WikiToDo page. If you are new to the whole concept of a wiki, a good place to learn more is at OneMinuteWiki.


  • 2007-07-30 - After much hassle, and laziness, I have moved the wiki to If there are any issues you can post to the Forums or email, etc. Whee.
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