MIDIsense Movement/Distance Sensors
SHARP GP2D12 IR Distance Sensor

These sensors are very popular among roboticists and physical-computing hobbyists. There is an infrared LED and a sensor with some circuitry that measures how far an object is. One thing to watch out for is that when an object is closer than 10cm from the sensor, it reads as if it much farther. Check out the datasheet for the characteristics. Another thing to watch for is that the "JST" connector to the sensor is odd and hard to find so make sure you get a connector with the sensor!

This sensor must be used with the Analog/Digital I/O board plugged into one of the Analog ports configured as an Analog Input. Connect the +5V, GND and analog outputs to the +5V, GND, and analog input pins (respectively). Check the datasheet for the pinout as the pins are not in that order

Sonar Distance Sensor

These are not supported yet!

Small PIR Detector Switch

May 17, 2011 20:07