x0xb0x Fabrication Manual: Headphone & Mixer

This is the final step of the analogue section: the headphone amp, volume control, and mixer.

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The headphone amp is best tested at the end once all the jumpers are attached.
1N4148 2 D32, D33
100 ohm 5% resistor 1 R136
1K 5% resistor 1 R161
4.7K 5% resistor 1 R135
10K 5% resistor 3 R157, R158, R160
33K 5% resistor 1 R159
47K 5% resistor 1 R155
100K 5% resistor 4 R153, R154, R156, R165
50K D (log) potentiometer 1 VR8
.0068uF (2A682K) capacitor 1 C47
.01uF (2A103K) capacitor 1 C46
.068uF (2A683K) capacitor 1 C45
1uF electrolytic capacitor 3 C58, C59, C56
2.2uF electolytic capacitor 1 C51
10uF electrolytic capacitor 2 C50, C52
47uF electrolytic capacitor 2 C44, C53
100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor 2 C48, C49
1000uF electrolytic capacitor 1 C43
2SA733P, TO-92 PNP transistor 1 Q33
2SC536F, TO-92 NPN transistor 1 Q34
LA4140 9-SIP 1 IC14
May 17, 2011 20:07